Empowering people through craft

We believe everyone has something unique to offer the world and we help them rediscover  lives of dignity and independence through creative resources.


Our Mission

Rescue Repurpose Redeem’s mission is to empower Veterans and others living with disabilities to enhance their lives through sustainable creative resources, e-commerce, direct sales, collaborations and partnerships in a viable venture. 

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What We Do



Rescuing unwanted materials from going to the landfill while rescuing underserved community members from homelessness.


Repurposing the salvaged materials into treasure through creative reuse while makers find purpose once again through the act of the creation. 


Redeeming the once discarded materials to be sold as new desirable household items while restoring and validating the worth of our underserved community members.



Get Involved

Rescue Repurpose Redeem thrives on people power! Your contributions as a shopper, volunteer, and donor help us provide support and artistic resources for our Veterans in order to inspire creativity, foster self expression, strengthen self worth, and become more self-sufficient AND supports the work of environmental sustainability through creative reuse and waste diversion. Help us ignite creativity and inspire change!


Your purchase helps empower Veterans and those facing homelessness or disabilities, while also reducing waste, both making the world a better place.

Do you have an artisan skill or just love to craft and want to help out? We'd love to have you! We value the contributions of individuals of many ages and abilities. Come play!

Your donation will help us bring recycling, learning, and creativity to marginalized individuals in our community. We accept used materials and item donations, as well as monetary donations.